Gift of Hope and Inspiration from Remember Me

I had a clear vision for my online business RememberMeGiftBoutique.com.  I had a strong desire to bring awareness to Suicide and Bullying Prevention, while providing Sympathy Gifts for those grieving.  During the past year, I have had the privilege of touching many people’s hearts who are dealing with tragic circumstances in their lives.  I am in constant appreciation for the relationships that I have established during this business venture.

There is an incredible common denominator in all aspects of my business.  It is quite simple… everyone is in need of hope!  The response to this “free gift of hope” has been overwhelming.  With such a need and desire, I am excited to add this mission of “hope” to RememberMeGiftBoutique.com.

It is my plan to focus on inspirational stories, inspirational quotes, and hope in dealing with grief.  I will continue to provide the inspirational pictures that seem to truly touch so many of my customers and friends.

I would love the privilege of sharing YOUR inspirational stories with others.  I have learned that we all go through things in our lives for a reason.  Perhaps, it’s simply to inspire others.  If you have an inspirational story to share, please contact me at contactus@remembermegiftboutique.com.


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8 Responses to “Gift of Hope and Inspiration from Remember Me”

  • Thank you, Debbie, for doing such great work to bring awareness to suicide, bullying, and grief support for those that have lost someone.

  • I love that you are bringing inspiration to so many…your gifts of hope is and will always be much appreciated.

  • Kathy Petersen:

    What a beautiful website and message…blessings to you for you are helping people cope with such beauty while grieving.

  • Debbie, I pray God blesses your ministry of hope to those who are hurting & I am so thankful to partner with you in this ministry as I hope my art brings encouragement to those going through a hard time. I believe God and His Word brings about hope and healing through Jesus Christ and His love for us.

  • Please be sure to share any inspirational stories you receive with all of us. Even when we’re feeling high, we still need a little hope to tuck away for the times when we’re feeling low. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • I am so glad that you have chosen this path. I can personally say that you have inspired me and given me hope.

  • j.c.spock:

    Debbie, I’m so pleased to be partnering with you and helping you pursue your mission of hope and inspiration in addition to support. Hope that together we can continue spreading the message so people know they aren’t alone.

  • Admin:

    Thank you all for your comments on this blog! It is so encouraging to realize that everyone desires inspiration, while others are hoping to help with my quest to provide it! May God Bless this endeavor!

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