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Have you started your Christmas List yet?

Every year I set a goal to start my Christmas shopping early.  If you are like me, you sit down with a piece of paper and jot down all the people you need to remember this holiday season.  You have no idea as to what to get everyone, but you believe that you will “just know” when you see that perfect gift.  You then sift through countless sales flyers and hit every sale that seems to be “the one” that will get your Christmas shopping started.  Great plan…

Then, all of a sudden, we panic.  Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed and it’s December!  All those great intentions, thrown out the window.  You’re stressed and you’ll buy the first thing you see just to check off another person on your list.

That is the reason RememberMe-Gifts.com has added Holiday Gift Ideas to our website.  We have taken so much time to find the perfect, PERSONALIZED gift for everyone on your gift list.  We have done the work for you.  Also, when shopping early, you can find great discounts to save a bit on your budget.  Right now, we are offering 20% off, for 3 days only, of our beautiful line of Personalized Photo Jewelry.  This is the same jewelry as featured in “O” magazine!

Along with the celebration of the holiday season, unfortunately, many people are dealing with pain and sadness of missing that special someone during Christmas.  Our passion is to provide the perfect gift to warm their hearts and give them the Gift of Remembrance.  That is priceless!

Thus our motto:

As always, if you need assistance in finding that perfect Remembrance Gift, do not hesitate to contact us!