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A Memorial Garden Brings Comfort

Spring is in the air, and this time each year, I think of those who are grieving and anticipating the hope that only Spring can bring!  I always encourage anyone who has lost a loved one, or a treasured pet, to consider creating a Memorial Garden in their backyard.  This is not only a great idea for just about anyone, but children can find so much peace having their own space to reflect on their memories.  Children also love coming up with ideas and actually participating in the process of planting a Memorial Garden.

Memorial Garden Stones come in many different shapes, sizes and price ranges.  They can be personalized with a name or sentiment.  These Memorial Garden Stones can be added to an existing garden or landscape creating a subtle sentiment.  Also, Memorial Garden Benches are becoming increasingly popular as they are incredibly functional and can be engraved with a personal sentiment.

Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes offer a beautiful sound along with an inscribed personal message.  As with the memorial stones, these can also be added to an existing garden or are well suited to hang on a front or back porch.  Memorial Wind Chimes are my personal favorite, as I’m hard pressed to come up with a more soothing memorial.

A Memorial Garden is not complete without beautiful flowers.  Below is a list of the different flowers and their meaning (those best suited for a memorial garden):

Aracia – eternal love

Aloe – grief

Anemone – resurrection

Aster – God’s grace, love, blessings

Balm – sympathy

Bellflower – “thinking of you”

Cypress – mourning, sorrow

Daffodil – resurrection

Forget-me-nots – memories

Fuchsia – harmony, healing for those who grieve, angels

Geranium – comfort

Honeysuckle – devoted affection, bonds of love

Impatiens – patience, steadfastness, loving-kindness

Jasmine – peace, goodwill, and healing

Lavender – devotionLily – faith, grace, and spiritual healing

Marigold – pain and grief

Peonies – thoughts of the past, memories

Poppies – eternal sleep, consolation

Tulips – faith, hope, and charity

Verbena – peace

Violets – shyness, humility, quiet joy, tender thoughts, gentle love

Rosemary – remembrance

Thyme – peace

White Lilac – youthful innocence, memories

I hope you found some inspiration to get started on your Memorial Garden this spring!

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Creating a Memorial Garden Just in Time for Spring!

Just imagine creating a special place to remember and heal from the loss of a loved one.  A memorial garden is just the place to bring comfort to a grieving soul.  The garden can be as large or as small as you would like. Whether you are planting a memorial tree or a flowerbed filled with different flowers, the memorial garden is limited to your imagination, space restrictions and budget.

When selecting flowers for your memorial garden, consider selecting plants that have a specific meaning.  For example, forget-me-nots and rosemary both represent memories, and poppies are considered the flowers for rest or eternal sleep.  Perhaps the individual you are remembering had a favorite flower such as roses.  You can plant a rose bush in their honor.

A nice addition to any memorial garden is a memorial garden stone.  These stones can be as simple as the individual’s name and at rest date, or a stone that has a beautiful scripture passage or message.  If your garden is large enough, you might consider adding both types of memorial garden stones and bordering them with seasonal flowers.

The quite, soothing sound of wind chimes is another comforting element to add to your memorial garden. Personalized wind chimes can be designed with your loved one’s picture, your personal thoughts, or appropriate bible verses.  There are even wind chimes available that can hold a small portion of cremains.  The wind chime’s sound will be heard from any area of your backyard bringing remembrance and comfort even outside of the memorial garden.

Spring is in the air, and it is the perfect time to consider adding this memorial garden to your backyard landscape. What a beautiful long-lasting tribute to any loved one who has passed away.