Sterling Silver & CZ Tear Of Strength Necklace
Sterling Silver & CZ Tear Of Strength Necklace
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Polished sterling silver. Weight: 4.34 grams. 18" Necklace

Comes in a gift box with the following poem:

Tear of Strength

I know you cannot see

All the pain I have inside.

I keep it hidden in my heart

Ever since the day you died.

It doesn't mean it isn't there.

Don't think my heart's not broken.

I am full of sorrow and of loss

And words that were never spoken.

Yet I know you want me to go on

And stop my questioning why,

And live my life to the fullest

As if you had never died.

Sometimes I won't hurt as much

Even though the days are long

Inside my heart I hear your voice

Carry on and please be strong.

©Deborah J. Birdoes

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