Urn Jewelry – Ashes Necklace Filling Instructions

When a loved one passes away, our lives change and we are faced with so many emotional changes. Not only are we dealing with these changes, we are faced with many decisions. While in the midst of the grieving process, some things should just be put aside, for now. In my opinion, that includes handling your loved one’s cremains.

The funeral parlor or facility where the ashes were picked up should be able to fill your urn pendant free of charge. (I’ve made some calls and have verified it). However, I do realize that this is not always an option and you may need to fill the urn pendant yourself (or maybe find someone not so emotionally attached to do it for you.  If you decide to go that route, here are some basic instructions. 

Again, I would like to emphasize that having someone assist you is the best plan.  If you absolutely insist on doing this yourself, at least wait until you have healed a bit, and you are able to handle this emotional task.  

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