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Schoolwide Commitment Reduces Bullying by 50%

According to National Youth Violence Prevention, a schoolwide commitment to Bullying Prevention reduces the act of bullying by 50%.  It is very encouraging to learn that all the efforts, by many organizations and concerned citizens, have been making an impact on our youth!

There are a variety of classroom activities available that have had an impact on bringing awareness to students.  One activity, targetted towards elementary and middle school students, is having teachers involve students in creating classroom rules for bullying.  Once the rules are established, each child signs a petition.  PacerKidsAgainstBullying.org has a contract that can be printed out at  http://www.pacer.org/bullying/pdf/ele-starting-the-discussion-files/KABPledge.pdf

There is a bullying epidemic going on, and we need to come together as a community to make a difference.  There IS something you can do.  Please check out the listed Organizations and Educational Ideas. Also, the following is an example of what can be purchased through our store at:

Put A Ribbon On It


A New Year Full of Hope and Inspiration

There is something to be said about the way we feel when we turn the corner of a New Year.  All of those resolutions, hopes and dreams, and anticipated adventures fill us with a renewed spirit.  Personally, I have a “to do” list that will serve as a reminder of what I want to accomplish throughout 2012.

RememberMeGiftBoutique.com’s strongest desire is to continue to bring hope to those either grieving or in need of a little inspiration to get them through the tough times.  While our personal goals and dreams for the New Year might consist of eating better and exercising, there are those who simply would like to find just a bit of hope.  In our “give back” mission, we’d like to continue to bring awareness to the causes of Suicide and Bullying and wrap our arms around those experiencing the emotions of either cause.

I encourage other business owners to find a simple way to “give back”.  A friend of mine has a business, www.dressygirlkouture.com, where she will “give back” by donating prom dresses to those less fortunate. Another inspirational story concerns a friend who owns www.socutepooch.com.  She actually purchased her business after personal struggles and wanted to “give back” to children fighting cancer.

How do you plan on giving back this year?  Please share your stories which will hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I wish you a year full of hope and happiness.

True or False: Suicide Rates Increase During the Holidays

False!  According to the National Center for Health Statistics, this is actually a time when suicide rates decline.  However, media tends to promote the idea that suicide rates increase during the holidays.  Unfortunately, this can really hurt those who are depressed by giving them an “out” with a copycat mentality.

There appears to be some speculation that suicide rates decline during the holiday season because those who might be considered suicidal are able to more readily receive emotional support from those filled with the “Christmas Spirit”.  Let’s face it, Christmastime we tend to open up our hearts, care a little more, and do for
others what we might not normally do throughout the year.  What does this tell you?

Personally, it makes me realize that compassion saves lives.  During this time of year, we love to pull a glove off of the school’s Christmas tree and provide gifts for those in need.  We tend to be more generous with our gifts and our time.  We volunteer to bring meals to those in need.  We hug more and ignore other’s needs less.

My Christmas Wish this year is that we can all hang on to that “Christmas Spirit” throughout the New Year and bring compassion to so many who are hurting so much that they contemplate taking their own lives.  One act of compassion can actually save a life.  To me, there is nothing more important.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Compassionate New Year!

Resources for Suicide Prevention and Suicide Hotline:



Wrapping Up Unfinished Bullying Business

Are you getting tired of these bullying posts?  How far would you go to aggressively bring awareness to a cause that could have potentially contributed to your own brother’s suicide? 

I am doing everything in my power to do whatever it takes to prevent another senseless death.  Google “suicide caused by bullying”.  Really, google it now.  Yes, it is heart breaking!  How does that make you feel?  Does it make you want to sit down with your child tonight and talk about bullying?  Hopefully, you answered “yes” and part of  my mission is accomplished!

I believe, with all of my heart, that our efforts can save a child’s life.   It is not in my power to reach children through this blog, Facebook or Twitter… nor is it my place.  I can only hope I have provided you with the resouraces available to educate you on this subject.  More importantly, I hope I have encouraged you to bring Bullying Prevention to your home!

Once again, for more information,






Final Week of Bullying Awareness Month

RememberMe-Gifts.com and RememberMe-Awareness.com will end Bullying Awareness Month with a final push to promote this cause.  At the end of the week, we will sponsor a contest to bring as much awareness to this cause as possible.  By providing an insentive for participation, it is our goal to to bring “true life stories” to the attention of as many people as possible.

I have many educators following this blog.  I recently spoke to a principal with such a passion for Bullying Awareness that it motivated me even further!  Why not provide “true life stories” to these educators who can, in turn, share them with their students to bring about compassion and understanding about the consequences of bullying.

I plan on sharing my heart-wrenching “true life story” just for this reason.  I am hoping we can come together, as an on-line community, and fight this together.  I can’t do this on my own… I will need your help!

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“… A community needs a soul if it is to become a true home for human beings.  You, the people, must give it this soul.”  Pope John Paul II


Three Cheers for Big Bird!


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Scheduled to air today, October 17, Sesame Street will address preschool bullying.   right… PRESCHOOL!  Yes, it’s a fact that bullying starts at this age!  Luckily, Sesame Street is addressing this aggressively when Big Bird joins The Good Birds Club after being a victim of bullying.  Since October is Bullying Awareness Month, the timing of this programming is perfect!

Also, on October 18th & 21st, Sesame Street will teach children to be proud of who they are and be more accepting of others.  When children are proud of themselves and see the good in others, the bullying mentality can be subconsciously extinguished and replaced with hearts that cares for their peers.

As always, great job Sesame Street!

School-wide Commitment Reduces Bullying by 50%

According to National Youth Violence Prevention, a school-wide commitment to Bullying Prevention reduces the act of bullying by 50%.  It is very encouraging to learn that all the efforts, by many organizations and concerned citizens, have been making an impact on our youth!

There are a variety of classroom activities that encourage participation in the bullying prevention movement.  One activity, targeted towards elementary and middle school students, encourages teachers to involve students in creating classroom rules for bullying.  Once the rules are established, each child signs a petition.  PacerKidsAgainstBullying.org has a contract that can be printed out at  http://www.pacer.org/bullying/pdf/ele-starting-the-discussion-files/KABPledge.pdf.  It is a great idea to have these contracts signed by a parent or guardian, thus enabling communication at home.

Having a classroom or school-wide poster contest is another great idea.  The winner of the contest receives a small prize or has their poster displayed in the school’s office.  Hanging these posters throughout the school not only promotes awareness, but allows children to showcase their creativity.

There are many free online games and educational materials available.  PacerKidsAgainstBullying.org has designed their website specifically for younger students.   Students can play games, watch videos or participate in polls.  PacerTeensAgainstBullying.org is also an interactive website for high school aged students.

RememberMe-Gifts.com and RememberMe-Awareness.com continues to accept donations for our Bullying Prevention campaign.  It is our desire to supply elementary schools with Clever Catch (R) Bullying Balls.  For more information, please click here.

Once Again, Suicide Hits Close to Home

I have been focusing much of my attention on Bullying Prevention Month and raising awareness for this worthy cause.  Unfortunately, these efforts have been temporarily interrupted due to my heavy heart after learning of two recent suicides that affected many locally here in Nebraska.

After receiving these calls, I am overwhelmed with emotion.  I get extremely frustrated over the fact that these deaths are so senseless.  Then I’m hit with realization that so many are grieving, a very different and difficult grief, due to these deaths.

Suicide Prevention and Grief Resources have been added to RememberMe-Gifts.com today.  It is my desire to have resources readily available for those in need.  I am very close to one of the families who are now suffering due to the suicide of a loved one.  I can only hope that these resources can help them and many others who are dealing with this grief.

Even though my focus has been on preventing teen suicide, I am broadening my efforts, as both of these suicides deaths were adults.  There are now spouses and children left behind to deal with this, what appears to be, insurmountable pain.

However, there is help and there is hope for these families.  I will continue to research and provide valuable resources to help and encourage those in need.  I will continue to pray for the families currently dealing with this tragedy.

Welcome Educators!

I am extremely excited to welcome elementary, middle and high school educators to my blog.  Since October is Bullying Prevention Month, I thought it would be a great way to communicate our ideas and come up with strategies as to how to protect our youth from the devastating consequences of bullying.

I have found many useful articles and free educational ideas that I plan on sharing throughout the month.  Please visit http://www.rememberme-gifts.com/category_94/Bullying-Prevention-Month.htm for further details.

I believe this will be a valuable resource, not only for educators, but for parents as well.  Our schools can only do so much.  We do not want our children to be victims of bullying, but just as important, we do not want them to be the cause.

Please share this blog with those who are involved in children’s lives.  The only way to make a difference is to be involved.

RememberMe-Gifts.com and RememberMe-Awareness.com – The Connection

I remember very clearly the day I decided to start my own business.  I was sitting at my desk when I received a phone call that a friend’s daughter had committed suicide.  Ever since my brother’s suicide (which I briefly discuss in my “About Us” section of my website http://www.rememberme-gifts.com/pages/AboutUs.htm), I’ve had an unresolved feeling that I needed to do something to help hurting children, adolescents and adults who are contemplating taking their own lives.  I also had a strong desire to find a way  to bring comfort to their families that were left behind due to such a choice.  Since my little brother’s death, I have heard too many stories, too close to home.

I decided that it was time to pursue my passion of awareness and prevention full-time!  However, I am a single mother of three who needed to make a living.  So, I merged together my desire to help the grieving by selling unique, personalized, and meaningful  sympathy gifts, www.RememberMe-Gifts.com, with my longing to bring hope, inspiration and awareness to those suffering through www.RememberMe-Awareness.com.

I was extremely excited about this venture and actually informed yet another grieving mom  (who lost her daughter to suicide) about my decision.  Her reaction… well, it devasted me.  She was concerned that I would be profitting from her daughter’s death.  Obviously, she didn’t know me well, and she was in hopeless state of grief.  I certainly understood her position, but somehow thought it would bring a bit of comfort to her knowing that something was being done in her honor.  I do realize, however, that there are many companies that promote charities in an effort to promote themselves.  To that I say, “shame on you”, and I never want to be seen in the same light!

But I think of this constantly.  Those who know me, know my heart.  Hopefully, through this blogging adventure, people will get to know me and understand my true passion for this venture.

Please feel free to share your comments or questions.