Once Again, Suicide Hits Close to Home

I have been focusing much of my attention on Bullying Prevention Month and raising awareness for this worthy cause.  Unfortunately, these efforts have been temporarily interrupted due to my heavy heart after learning of two recent suicides that affected many locally here in Nebraska.

After receiving these calls, I am overwhelmed with emotion.  I get extremely frustrated over the fact that these deaths are so senseless.  Then I’m hit with realization that so many are grieving, a very different and difficult grief, due to these deaths.

Suicide Prevention and Grief Resources have been added to RememberMe-Gifts.com today.  It is my desire to have resources readily available for those in need.  I am very close to one of the families who are now suffering due to the suicide of a loved one.  I can only hope that these resources can help them and many others who are dealing with this grief.

Even though my focus has been on preventing teen suicide, I am broadening my efforts, as both of these suicides deaths were adults.  There are now spouses and children left behind to deal with this, what appears to be, insurmountable pain.

However, there is help and there is hope for these families.  I will continue to research and provide valuable resources to help and encourage those in need.  I will continue to pray for the families currently dealing with this tragedy.

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