Final Week of Bullying Awareness Month

RememberMe-Gifts.com and RememberMe-Awareness.com will end Bullying Awareness Month with a final push to promote this cause.  At the end of the week, we will sponsor a contest to bring as much awareness to this cause as possible.  By providing an insentive for participation, it is our goal to to bring “true life stories” to the attention of as many people as possible.

I have many educators following this blog.  I recently spoke to a principal with such a passion for Bullying Awareness that it motivated me even further!  Why not provide “true life stories” to these educators who can, in turn, share them with their students to bring about compassion and understanding about the consequences of bullying.

I plan on sharing my heart-wrenching “true life story” just for this reason.  I am hoping we can come together, as an on-line community, and fight this together.  I can’t do this on my own… I will need your help!

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“… A community needs a soul if it is to become a true home for human beings.  You, the people, must give it this soul.”  Pope John Paul II


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One Response to “Final Week of Bullying Awareness Month”

  • Ruth:

    Anyone who bullies another person is really a very insecure person inside. The only way to make them feel big or important is to tear down another person. It “puffs” up the bully making him feel big. When the bully understands that society is on to his insecurities and begins to ask why do You, bully, feel so rejected, we will begin to solve the problem. The one bullied is the victim but the bully has also been victimized by something that has made him feel he has to fight to be seen or heard.

    Our society has robbed our children of love. They no longer know what it is. They do not know how to receive it or give it out. They are stuck in an “I” mentally. They respond to life by what makes them feel good and have no regard for anyone else. Sad.

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