Are You Stressed or Depressed this Holiday Season?

OK, take a deep breath and a moment to help yourself find a way to deal with the stress, and sometimes depression, that will hit you during the next few days.  Our Christmastime mentality puts us in high gear to have the Norman Rockwell family get-togethers with all the trimmings!

We set ourselves up for disappointment with such expectations!  Years ago, I read an article that touched on this subject.  I can sum up what I learned from this article in one sentence:  Instead of trying to realize all of your expectations, just look for that moment or two that you can carry in your heart for years to come.  I actually have practiced this philosophy for many years.  I have a memory full of these moments!

We tend to miss what we don’t have.  Unfortunately, we all are missing someone on Christmas.  Many of us yearn for the presence of that special person who has passed away.  I know I do.  Sometimes, it seems impossible to get past this feeling.  But, you can try…

Our memories are the most priceless gift that we possess.  Take a moment to open up this gift and allow the memories to bring you comfort.  Talk about them… chances are, others will treasure them as much as you do.




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One Response to “Are You Stressed or Depressed this Holiday Season?”

  • Awesome post, it reflects how so many of us are feeling doing the holiday season. At times it feels as if a floodgate has been opened and the feelings of sadness and despair are so overwhelming. There is that void in your heart, that empty seat at the dinner table, the phone call that will never come. So all that is left is the memories and you are so right they are priceless.

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